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ALISON JAMES- Award winning Psychic Medium & Animal Intuitive, Soul Healer & Spiritual teacher. One of the top Psychic Mediums in the world and most shared name to those in the know. It’s as normal to her as breathing is to most of us and she’s as down-to-earth as they come. She has a profound connection with all species of animals and this is one of her specialties the other being a gifted healer. High ethical compass, and well respected by others in her profession, including a dedicated following, which built and sustains her business by word of mouth for the past three decades.

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It’s all about the warm fuzzies

It's All About The Warm Fuzzies

There is so much negativity out in the world and it’s on the news and television, even popping up on our smart phones. We’ve come to accept it as a way of life. What would happen if for one day you said no to the negative. Would you miss it? I am sure you would. There is so much else to focus and fill you mind body and soul with. Take a break and fill yourself only with the positive and see what becomes of it. I think your going to like what happens.

Chico speaks to the heart of the matter

ImageBy Alison James

How one parrot opened the world of intuition to his human

I was at the home of an acquaintance and we began to talk of birds, and Susan shared with me her heartbreak and frustration about her bird Chico, a Blue-fronted Amazon parrot. I asked if I could sit with him for a little while, and Susan brought her beautiful boy over to me.

Susan’s best friend, Barb, arranged my visit with Susan, who was unaware at the time what I did, that I am a professional psychic, medium and animal intuitive. She only knew that I loved animals and that we had a lot we could talk about.

Susan handed Chico to me and I immediately felt an overwhelming ”feeling” of sadness. In my mind I thought, “What’s the matter Chico?” and then spontaneously felt profound grief and physical exhaustion. In my mind’s eye, I saw Chico in a cage with a Scarlet Macaw, which he did not live with now.

Chico’s history
First, a little history on Chico. He had been to the best veterinarians around for consultations for many issues, from plucking to allergies and the list goes on. Susan, a responsible steward, wanted to heal her beloved parrot. Nothing worked. By the time Susan and I were speaking, she had run out of ideas on how to help her feathered friend.

I went back to the picture in my mind. Tears flowed from my eyes, and Susan asked what was wrong. I quickly told her what had just happened between Chico and me. Susan then explained, “Well, yes, his mate died and that’s why I have him.”

I explained to her what I received in my body as I felt Chico’s emotions and what I saw in my mind’s eye. Susan said she could not understand how I “knew” and even went as far as to question her friend Barb later with regard to whether she told me about Chico. Susan, an ER nurse, did not believe in intuition or psychic knowing and never would have reached out to contact an animal intuitive like me. Barb, in her loving way, wanted to give Susan answers for Chico and thought this was the best and only way to make it happen. Turns out she was right.

That makes sense
Susan went back to her veterinarian with this new-found information. The vet responded, “Well, that does makes sense to me,” now understanding why nothing worked to help Chico, despite her best efforts and knowledge.

Much like humans who have lost a spouse, our animal companions suffer the same grief and can lose their will to live, as Chico was so clearly doing. Grief explained the mysterious ailments and subsequent lack of healing of them, no matter the heroic efforts and best veterinarian science that was applied.

The end of this story is a happy one. Chico’s veterinarian created a new treatment plan for grief utilizing flower essences and direct work with me in the capacity of animal intuitive. As a messenger, I shared with Chico how much Susan loved him and cared for him and that Susan would be there for him.

Chico worked through the allergies and the medication now worked. His feathers grew back without plucking and his skin conditions gradually subsided. Emotionally, he was bright and spunky!

Working intuitively
For people like Susan, working intuitively can seem odd at first, but the rewards are great. By learning how you receive information with your intuition, you can develop an even deeper understanding of your animal companions. Remain open to the process of receiving in this manner. Your relationship with your non-human companions will be enriched with this unconventional way of understanding and your intuition will blossom.

Intuition and psychic knowing have been used interchangeably for as long as time itself. It is an additional way to receive information in an unconventional way, outside the confines of logic and reason. By applying intuition to conventional ways of solving problems, it can help find solutions and allow a better understanding of ourselves and our animal companions.

Susan now regularly practices her new-found way of understanding, using her own intuitive understanding alongside her medical background and a good veterinarian.

Always rule out medical issues first with your veterinarian and trainers. Intuition and psychic knowing are not meant as a replacement for medical findings. They are complementary.

Resources on flower essences:

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I’m Intuitive and I Know It!

eyeHow to get there

By Alison James

You know you know it yet don’t believe. How often have you found yourself saying “Oh I imagined that” only to have it become your personal truth. Intuition is that small voice inside your soul that has a tendency to ignore oneself as it does not play well with reason and logic. Leave the mind out of it.

You’ve watched the television shows heard the radio programs and wish you were them, the Master Psychics and Mediums. Well you already are in your personal world. How did they get there you ask… practice and then more practice. Not everyone will find themselves in the Intuitive business professionally and first you must understand yourself before delving into another’s soul which is a big responsibility. The key to using your intuition is to understand how you personally receive what you receive, in other words how do you “get it?”

There are basically six ways of receiving Psychic information; CLAIRCOGNIZANCE- Clear knowing, you just know it. CLAIRVOYANCE- Clear seeing which transfer of information that is previously unknown from you. CLAIRSENTIENCE- Clear feeling. You feel the vibrations (frequency) energy of others, also heard of being a psychic sponge. CLAIRAUDIENCE- Clear hearing, this is essentially the ability to hear in a non-ordinary manner, not the actual perception of sound. CLAIRESSENCE- Clear smelling, you access psychic knowledge through the physical sense of smell and in a non-ordinary ways. CLAIRGUSTANCE- Clear tasting, you taste substances without putting anything into your mouth. You may have one or many ways you receive your information.

You’ve heard the saying fake it until you make it, well that applies to intuition. Ask yourself these two questions, did I imagine it then get it or did I get it than imagine it? The second is your natural Intuition; however the first may get you there as well. As I say- accept it first as truth then try to prove it wrong. Intuition will always appear first and is always 100% correct for you once you are clear on how you get what you get. Trust is a big piece in the understanding your psychic abilities.

With practice you become more adept with accepting what it is that you receive and how it manifests for you. A fun way to practice is to have a friend draw a simple drawing say of a brown furry kitten and write the word love and peaches and purring. Huh? Let me explain. Brown= color, kitten= baby animal, love= feeling, peaches= taste and finally purring= sound. Have your friend place this drawing into a sealed envelope and have them continue to think about what they drew. They’ll present this envelope to you and without opening, immediately without judgments tell your friend what you get without them validating yet or you can write it down. Than when you feel completed with the task at hand have your friend validate what you said than open the envelope. This is an ancient practice called a billet and one of the best ways of trusting and developing your inner knowingness. You must trust it and feel it in your soul and move to your own soul’s beat as each person is unique in the way your intuition works.

One of the hardest abilities is Clairvoyance I have had many a student tell a class they got nothing then go on to say they felt this, saw that and heard a sound and smelt a cigar-  like they got nothing right, that is when other students shake their heads and say I wish I got your nothing! It is that small quiet voice inside you that is called intuition and it can be pretty subtle lacking drama yet is perfectly correct. Again reason and logic will not apply- you just know. TRUST and PRACTICE are the keys to developing your personal intuition and know. It may not be even close to how another gets what they get. You’re intuitive and now you know it.

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Drawing The Line

Image How do I keep my boundaries, when others walk over them?

By Alison James

You have practiced and done your psychic borders of your body and aura with maybe the the bubble, Chakra spin, force field, mirrors, and a myriad of other protection techniques and yet others psychically trample or wade through your well laid out lines of demarcation.

Why you ask? Because they can and most times do not have a clue they are on a psychic level doing so. Just because you have good boundaries and understand intuitively what they are your and others lines, it doesn’t mean others have done the work or practice or even know what the heck a boundary is, other than a cliff, then of course it’s survival.

The solution is not a straight line but an ever undulating one and in many ways. it’s a balance of several techniques and one of the biggest is acknowledging that you sense your lines have been breached or on the way to being opened.

Just because you may not see it but yet know it intuitively it’s just as real as if some one walked into your home unannounced- what would you do?

When someone or something and it could be a thought or energy or actual person you need to act. Use your tools and keep flexible with your field. Choose which is most important and one of the best it techniques it to physically say or write down what you feel and accept it as truth and bring into this time and place and ask yourself what can I do, now, that I know were it is coming from and maybe what it is.

So often we accept what is not ours or dismiss the infraction of another. it is your soul and your aura it is  your responsibility to say get otta here. only you have the right to allow or disallow entry. Like the example of someone walking into your home, sometimes a psychic entry may not be so obvious yet the effect is the same on some level within you. Acknowledge, act or prevent by making the statement of intent that no one or any energy is allowed unless you allow it- Put up your psychic no trespassing sign. Also, who may enter and when and how.

Keeping it fluid and not rigid is the key. There will be times that yes you will get trod upon energetically. In those cases call in or even preemptively, your team with Guides, a **prayer; Angels, Power animals, etc. or a blank statement: “Those who wish my highest good protect me, my children’s, pets, physical objects and so on. Tell them why you are asking for assistance”.

*The ask and ye shall receive goes into effect. +respect. Those who understand your highest good will not cross your boundaries without your approval and or **prayer for those who do release them, +”Forgiveness” sets the energy free. Learn and move on and take action in the form of acknowledgement and possibly a few different techniques. Work with your team. The more you release the more room you have to fill yourself with light and love.

*Ask, Seek, Knock
Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.…I believe this applies no matter the faith, creed or belief.



Animals and reincarnation

kittyBy Alison James

“…he will be our friend for always and always and always.” Rudyard Kipling

The soul of an animal, is there such a thing and if so does the soul live on to take other forms, or has it already had another form?

Have you ever heard someone say that they could swear their new pet is exactly like their last pet that passed or I swear he is my husband who crossed over? Could it be? Souls can and do take on other forms.

How would you know that this new pet is the very same pet? In my business as a Professional Psychic, Medium and Animal Intuitive I get asked this question a lot more often than you would think. Sometimes the impetus to ask about such things are, it’s a feeling or you just know or they have the same behaviors as your dear bird Alfalfa did when he was on the side.

All animals are *sentient beings that have a soul and a body that feels and emotions that manifest in a myriad of ways within individuals and species.

These are the things I look for during a session to ascertain that we do have the same soul incarnating. **Reincarnation is not a belief locked into religion it is a universal concept and can be seen cross-culturally and in many spiritual communities and individuals.

I look for behaviors that the previous pet had or quirks that are not common to the breed or without the benefit of the caregiver providing any information about the beloved companion prior. You too would want to do the same with your new animal companion. The next thing is if there where medical issues that your previous animal had and now the new pet has.

Often time the pet that has crossed the rainbow bridge may also not reincarnate but arrange for a new pet to find its way to you via showing up at your door as a stray and no one steps up for this animal. Perhaps when you opened the door this lost dog goes right to the sleeping place of your previous companion and lays down even though you had already removed the bedding and sanitized the area so no scent mark was there for the new dog to smell. There have also been times I have seen identical unusual markings on the new pet and it may even be a different species all together.

You have to be a bit of a detective and not try to make it happen, as often happens when we are grieving we so want it to be them, or a new companion brought forth from your previous pet. Let time be on your side and maybe unexpectedly your answers may appear in your dream time. Often your pets will visit you in dreams or you may smell them or an item of theirs that you thought was gone will show up mysteriously.

I have personally witnessed messages from spirit animals many times over through the years and validated these for my clients. Such as this case; I saw their Cane Corsa dog who had crossed-over to the otherside come in spirit into the home and lay down in a large oval bed where he always slept along with the funny behavior of dragging the bed around and around the living room only to place it back where it was originally and drop his big bone down, lay down and begin drooling all over the hardwood floor. This couple had put Aces bedding away months ago after he passed but this was his way of saying I am still with you in spirit. The question to me was “Is our dog Ace ever around us”? Affirmative three times over! Know there are many ways your loved ones are around you from this life time onto the next and thereafter~

*Sentient; having the power of perception by the senses; conscious. ** Reincarnation; The belief that the soul, upon death of the body, comes back to earth in another body or form. The rebirth of the soul in a new body. A new incarnation or embodiment, as of a person.

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